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Todd Vinson

Welcome to my page. I am a predominately self-taught photographer who specializes in natural light photography. I am based in the Toronto, Canada area (go to my booking page to find out exactly where, or find me on Google), however, I often travel to Tennessee and California and am willing to conduct photo sessions while I am traveling. For a travel and setup fee, I will drive to much of the GTA.

I first picked up a camera to take photographs of my daughter for her mother. The reaction of some of my first photographs inspired me to seek that reaction time and time again. Before I knew it, I could not get enough of photographing my little one. As soon as her mother would leave for work, I would lay out her outfits, get on google, and look for ways to pose her for styled shoots. It didn’t take long before she showed me candid was the way to go.

I asked a friend in Los Angeles, California to teach me the basics of DSLR and natural light photography. My friend had photographed me on several occasions and was always wonderful at explaining what he wanted in camera, as well as making the experience feel like two friends spending a day together at wonderful scenes. It hardly felt like a photoshoot. This is how I want to make every person feel like when they shoot with me.

The beauty of photography, to me, is the ability of the subject (YOU) to see yourself from another perspective. I look forward to showing you what is special about you during our session.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy some of my work, or visit my social media links.


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Where do I work? 


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Toronto and surrounding areas


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Memphis, TN

Orange County/Los Angeles, CA

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